Cryotherapy LA (Los Angeles)

Cryotherapy Los Angeles


So go on over to 121 S. Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia CA 91016 or


Disclaimer: I know the FDA has warned about Cryotherapy not just in the LA area but I can only speak for the Cryotherapy facility that I know about. I have also started to age and figured that a great Natural Recovery Methods in the Los Angeles area would be Cryotherapy and I wanted to try it but I was worried about the Cryotherapy where you are in like a chamber looking thing. The Cryotherapy I went to in the Los Angelas Area was Aurora Cryo Spa

Now on to the real information:


Cryotherapy Los Angeles


Cryotherapy at first can be scary but not in the big bad world of California. I mean I am from LA

This is something I have been interested in for a while and decided to give it a shot when I was in the Los Angeles Area, so I can actually recomend somewhere if you are looking for Cryotherapy in Los Angeles.

I went to Aurora Cyro Spa in Monrovia (I think thats what the place was called, yeah Monrovia), I was greeted by the friendly Cryo staff who offered me a number of different treatments including cryotherapy facial and some other treatments. I setteled on the ‘Cryo Spa’

It was different to what

I think that they would be the best cryotherapy place in Los Angeles so search for them if you’re in the Los. angeles or Monrovia area… Having said that I did drive from one part of LA to the other for food so I made sure to do to do it if it will help my health like Cryotherapy did .


Cryotherapy LA



Now my reasoning behind using Cryotherapy whilst I was in LA is more than just the benefits of a little extra fatloss (which because I am gaining right now it was good to just burn 500-800 calories in 2 minutes . I would definantly recommend it to anyone who is gettign ready for an athletic event. it aids in recovery by … Well… I don’t know… but it works.

I did feel a little more ‘alive’ after my first sessions and i was glad my head wasn’t covered.